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The most amazing things are achieved by the people that understand their purpose deeply.

This is what gets them out of bed early in the morning when it’s cold and dark, what motivates them to carry on even when they are in pain or have had a failed attempt. They want the result so badly that giving up is not an option.

Take this example: “Jane” is a 45yo female, 25kg overweight. On a recent visit to her doctor, she was told she was pre-diabetic, and her blood pressure and cholesterol were high. Her doctor said her best option was to start exercising or she would have to consider medications to help slow down the adverse effects on her body.

So when “Jane” came to see me about losing weight, and I asked her how she felt about the prospect of medication? She was indifferent because she couldn’t see any negative impact on her lifestyle. I asked more questions. Do you have children? Do you have a partner? It turns out she had divorced her husband only five years earlier after they realised they’d just stayed together to raise children. As the dust settled, she realised her health had slipped and felt she was too old and unattractive to find someone new. Additionally, her eldest daughter was expecting a baby.

Suddenly there was a number of reasons why Jane should take action!

Another Queen, just a couple of years older than me had a bump in her road recently. We met in the gym locker room one morning a few years ago, and morning after morning after that we were both there. I would notice when she missed a day, as she would when I missed a day. But it wasn’t till recently when she hit the bump in her road that de-railed her fitness momentum that I learned her “Why”.

She told me that she knew how much better she felt exercising and eating well, and she knew she was a better person when she was doing the right thing, but she still couldn’t make herself get out of bed in the morning.

We talked. I asked her what was her “why” at the beginning? What did she tell her trainer? The truth was beautiful. She has the most wonderful young family, and she told me that all she ever wanted was to be able to fit on the slide at the park with her children. After discussing this with me, she felt refreshed and motivated to get back to what she was doing.

Even the most simple “Why” can be so powerful.

Don’t ever feel that your “Why” is static. It can change as fluidly as the seasons.

My personal fitness journey started out of treating depression and anxiety. Feeling stuck, I knew my future wasn’t going to be filled with the things I thought I should have. I had gained just a few kilograms, but I was the heaviest of my life. I was having trouble relaxing and sleeping.

It made it easy to get out of bed.

I ran. Every morning. For months. It started with only five minutes, pretty soon I was running kilometres.

I enjoyed the burn of the cold air in my lungs and against my sweaty skin. Sometimes I cried but the adrenaline release got me where I needed to be to face the day.

When I moved house, I met another Queen who introduced me to Parkrun. After a few good race times, she invited me to join her at Spartan Race. What an amazing experience. I tasted the value of success and reward. Wanting more, I needed to be stronger and faster. My initial “Why” changed, and it is no longer the same and will continue to evolve with different stages of my life.

That’s why it is important to reflect, analyse and re-discover your “Why” any time you lose motivation.

Usually, when you have an initial meeting with a Personal Trainer, they will go through goal-setting with you. Understand the purpose of this. Don’t feel embarrassed. Be honest. Their job is to make sure your training is meeting your goals, and help to support you and remind you of your “Why” when you lose motivation.


by Anna Pearce

Surrounded by her treasured indoor plants and beloved little dog, Anna shares her insights into copywriting, SEO, productivity, and maximising health and life as a remote worker. Between blogs and landing page copy, you'll find her motivating and spreading positivity through health and fitness coaching.

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