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Be the person that you needed when you were starting out.

Life is tough, and it is full of distractions from what we truly should be doing.

Time is the same for all- except we hear ourselves regularly using this excuse:

I don’t have enough time for that.

However, the people you admire for getting sh** done have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in their day as we do.

They are no different.

Let me share my fitness story, starting in 2015.

I thought I was healthy, I had a BMI of 22. However, for the first time in my life, I was suffering from stress-induced migraines.

At school, I was average in sports. As a lefty with fair skin and exercise-induced asthma, I looked uncoordinated, got red in the face and wheezed a lot. Additionally, I hadn’t been intentionally active for over a decade.

Despite all that, I decided to start running to relieve stress.

It was hard to start. However, I reminded myself at 4am that I wasn’t happy OR healthy which made the chilly and dark mornings that much easier to cope with.

I pushed through the asthmatic restrictions, sometimes collapsing on the ground in tears. The physical struggle reminded me that I was alive.

Three ten minute sessions a week quickly became five twenty minute sessions. My migraines had reduced in frequency, and I found myself pondering my place in the world.

Where was I? What was I doing? Is this what I wanted for the rest of my life?

Despite being surrounded by people – I felt alone. Rather than caring about what was best for me, those closest to me feared that if I changed, then I wouldn’t need them. They were right – I was moving so fast in a different direction that they couldn’t keep up.

Soon after, a new friend introduced me to ParkRun. I ran the first full 5km of my life in an un-impressive twenty-nine minutes. Week by week, I’d get a little faster, and it made me hungry to improve. After a few months, I’d shaved three minutes off my 5km time. I was gaining momentum.

The same friend introduced me to my first SpartanRaceAu early in 2016.

I faced my mortality

The Spartan Sprint 7km running distance was relatively easy; but, in brutal Spartan fashion, I faced my weakness. Travelling burpees and the rope climb had the better of me.

I had chosen weakness by inaction – it was something I could change.

I joined a gym to get stronger. For the first time in my life, I began to understand how my body moved, how I wanted it to function, and how to bridge the gap between those two places. I felt the fine line between pleasure and pain during training.

The epiphany

Another six months flew by. I was consistent with training and my ParkRun rate dropped to 5min/km. As a result, I had achieved a couple of World-Championship Qualifying times in Spartan.

Most importantly, I had resumed my Bachelor of Arts post-grad studies while working full-time.

Fitness had allowed me to become more driven and productive in all other aspects of my life. As a result, I was getting sh** done. I was capable of anything.

Despite the cliche, I felt awakened and wanted to share it with the world.

My Fit Queen is my way to reach those people who have greatness lurking just beneath the skin but have lives so full that they don’t know how to push forward. It is my way to be the support system for others that I wished I’d had through my metamorphosis.

While you don’t need to wipe the slate clean as I did, you DO have time to do more and be more. Let me show you how.

Never to let your current self stop you from being who you want to be!


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by Anna Pearce

Surrounded by her treasured indoor plants and beloved little dog, Anna shares her insights into copywriting, SEO, productivity, and maximising health and life as a remote worker. Between blogs and landing page copy, you'll find her motivating and spreading positivity through health and fitness coaching.

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