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Are you a West End, Brisbane local? Are you looking for group fitness classes with no lock-in contracts within a friendly and welcoming environment?

Lucky you’ve found my group fitness class West End!

With January almost over, the financial, mental and physical hangover from the festive season should have subsided. So, now is the best time to get started on those fitness goals.

Focus on getting fitter and stronger NOW with these fantastic group fitness classes in West End – you’ll start feeling and looking better within a few weeks, and come next summer you’ll have the beach-bod of your dreams.

With five West End group fitness classes to choose from, or to combine for the ultimate weekly workout package working on all angles of your fitness each week.

Why Choose Group Fitness Classes?

Group fitness training is not only cost-effective, but it also provides a social aspect with friendship, added accountability and community spirit.

You’ll get a new combination or variation of exercises every week, so you’ll never get bored, and your body won’t become complacent.

I’ve had people tell me that they feel like they’re not getting any better – that’s because I make sure things get progressively harder just like I would if you were my Personal Training client.

Where Do I Find The Group Fitness Classes?

Classes are hosted in a well-equipped gym in West End Brisbane so the show can go on rain, hail or shine.

This gym is not like a commercial gym full of mirrors, excessive cardio equipment and expensive activewear. It’s a gym with a raw feel, full of heavy stuff that you won’t see elsewhere.

It has a gym community spirit that values everyone equally.

It’s fun and dynamic and will challenge any assumptions you’d made about gyms before.

How Big Are The Group Classes?

I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer, which is the step beyond gaining a Group Fitness Instructor qualification. Therefore, I keep my class small and personal so that you get the coaching, form correction and variations you need, not just what the group needs.

Rather than calling it group fitness, it’s better to think about it as group personal training.

What Kind Of Fitness Do The Classes Include?

There is no “one kind” of fitness that is the best for everyone. In saying that, for optimal health and fitness, being strong, stable, balanced and flexible with a robust cardiovascular system is the best approach for the majority of us.

My weekly group fitness timetable includes classes to work on all of these aspects, and each week the exercises within each class change.


Besides “variety being the spice of life” there are two main reasons:

  1. Many of the people I work with won’t attend all five classes per week due to preference, ability, other commitments or personal goals. It wouldn’t help those people if we just did bench press every Monday and that was the only class they attended.
  2. Changing the workouts each week enables me to adapt the classes to better challenge and transform the people that are regularly attending. They don’t just get exceptionally good at a few standard movements; they turn into adaptable athletes.

Every class includes a warm-up and movement preparation component, adjusted to ready the body for the main exercises of the day.

Also, included in the final stages of each class is a cool down. These slower movements allow the heart to return to resting rate and to aid in the recovery of the worked muscles.

Four Different Training Styles Over Five Group Fitness Classes

These group fitness classes are designed to work together as an entire fitness program. However, if you’re doing other activities or you’re new to fitness, here’s what to expect in each class.

Spartan Strong Group Fitness Class West End

Spartan Strong Group Fitness Class Banner

In 2019, I had the pleasure of running an 8-week Spartan FIT program. It was an intensive program aimed at preparing groups for their first Spartan Race.

Having run a combined 300km of Spartan Races in Australia, you can safely say I am a fan of the way they test your ability as a well-rounded athlete.

What To Expect At Spartan Strong

Spartan Races combine strength, agility, speed, endurance and mental toughness with the reward of mud in places you didn’t know it could get, a warm beer, a giant medal and a branded t-shirt.

Yet, the adrenaline rush of pushing yourself to finish is the real reward and is why people keep coming back.

From the Spartan FIT program, I adapted the format of the strength-based class into what you’ll get on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

You’ll expect to see big compound lifts in this class, like squats, deadlifts and clean and press along with bench press, pull-ups and overhead press. Depending on the day, a short circuit of auxiliary movements, HIIT cardio, or a core workout will fill the space between the strength sets and the cool-down.

Who Is Spartan Strong Best For?

If you were only going to come to one class, or both of these classes each week, these best suit someone whose goals were to gain strength.

Also, Spartan Strong would be particularly useful to build a robust strength base for athletes who already do a lot of cardio; including running, cycling or team sports like soccer, football or netball.

Circuit Training Group Fitness Classes West End

Group Circuit Training In West End Banner

While I love strength training, while I am now a Personal Trainer in West End, Brisbane, I started my business running small group classes in a local park in rural Toowoomba.

These Toowoomba mothers, grandmothers and career-women we’re up bright and early throughout the bitterly cold inland winters and the humid summers.

Adapted from the first classes I ran for those amazing Toowoomba women, Circuit Training is a hybrid class.

What To Expect At Circuit Training

Dubbed by some of the regulars as a class that addresses everything a woman cares about, my Circuit Training classes provide a full-body workout with a medium-light cardiovascular adaptation.

The original fitness class utilised battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbells, slam-balls, boxing, fit-balls and bodyweight movements in a time-based circuit style.

Upper body and lower body exercises always alternated and the work to rest ratio was high:low to maximise cardiovascular adaptation.

Now, since moving into the Brisbane City Council area, my new Fitness In Parks Permit has too many restrictions (equipment and time), so I’ve adapted this group class into a gym setting.

So you can expect, added to the equipment I was already using, we have use of tyres, sledgehammers, cable machines, sleds, chin-up bars and free weights making this class even more dynamic and entertaining.

That’s without mentioning the fantastic health benefits.

Who Is Circuit Training Best For?

This class (combined with Core & Recover) is the best starting point for a beginner. You’ll hit every part of your body, burn fat and get faster and stronger at the same time.

Core & Recover Group Fitness Class West End

A recent addition to the line-up, this class showcases my love for the foam roller.

The foam roller is a relatively new phenomenon and may be new to you. Originally attributed to an American physical therapist in the 1980’s, it is now a widely used self-massage tool for sportspeople.

What To Expect At Core & Recover

Besides being useful for sportspeople, the foam roller allows the body to become more mobile, massaging muscles that are tight from being sedentary (sitting around a lot without moving).

You’ll soon realise it is a must-have tool to regain mobility and to improve posture and blood flow.

If we work on these aspects, you should find yourself more keen to get out and get active.

And, to supercharge the posture corrections from foam rolling, this class includes a 15minute ab workout.

Abs play a critical role in posture and work with the back and spine to hold the torso up. Also, we can’t deny the desire to have a lean stomach with a visible 6-pack. While you might have a few kilos to shed before your abs pop, it pays to work on these from the beginning as they’re endurance muscles and take time to develop.

Additionally, strong abs allow you to lift heavier weights and breath better during cardio. So, your other activities will improve faster; you’ll gain muscle more quickly and lose fat faster if you also work hard on your core.

Who Should Come To Core & Recover?

If you’re a regular at my West End Fitness Classes, this class becomes crucial for recovery from week to week, while giving the abs a good hit to assist all of your other activities.

For those that are less frequent or are beginners, this is a perfect class to roll out the aches and pains of daily life and would combine well with Tuesday’s Circuit Training.

Cardio Crush Group Fitness Training West End

Cardio Crush is the ultimate heart-rate booster, where your cardiovascular system is challenged to adapt.

Usually, this group fitness class utilises minimal equipment, so I’ll get you outside in the fresh air in the Riverside Lands Park, West End to train. The gym is our back-up location for when lousy weather requests it.

What To Expect At Cardio Crush

You’ll experience combinations of cardio movements that work through the whole body.

This class isn’t choreographed, so, if you’re like me and have two left feet, you won’t be at a disadvantage.

The 35min class includes a warmup, a series of workouts (that you can do at your own pace) with set rest periods and a cool down. You’ll be encouraged to go for a 15-20min slow-paced run after the 35min if that’s a good fit for your goals and current fitness ability.

Expect to see movements like step-ups, star jumps, skipping, jump squats and lunges, high knees, butt kicks, bicycle crunches and more.

Who Does Cardio Crush Help?

This class is best suited to those that are looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness or are looking to kickstart weight loss.

While this is a beginner-friendly class, if your blood pressure is high or you have joint problems, I’d suggest starting with Circuit Training and speaking to your doctor before attempting Cardio Crush.

West End Group Fitness Class Timetable

Woohoo, finally here’s the West End Group Fitness Class timetable! Go ahead and save it on your phone. It’s a neat little square just like you’d see on Instagram that keeps easily on your phone and, therefore, fits easily in your pocket.

How Much Does Group Fitness Training Cost?

If you’ve been shopping around for group fitness classes, I’m confident I’ll offer you the best value. I’m not too fond of the word, but these are the cheapest group fitness classes in West End.

With me, you don’t need to lock-in, you don’t need a gym membership, and there’s no sign-up fee.

You can choose from three options:

  1. Casual rate (the price of a beer per class)
  2. 10-class pass (save 20% off the casual rate)
  3. Unlimited weekly pass (save 50% off the casual rate, cancel at any time)

Please send me an enquiry for exact pricing for my group fitness class, West End.

How Can I Join?

Please send me an SMS (0423 305 465), a Facebook Messenger message, an email or RSVP on Facebook Events or through my Meetup events page.

You can also contact me for more information.

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